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Tuition for voice instruction is $35.00 for each half-hour lesson. Payment for the entire month is due in full at the first lesson of each month. An invoice will be provided at the end of each month stating the total amount due for the following month. The tuition includes my service as accompanist for school select choir auditions (assuming the accompaniment of the piece chosen is within the level of my piano skills).


A $5.00 late fee will be applied if monthly tuition is not received by the 14th of the month.


Missed lessons and make-up options:


Due to my full schedule I am not able to add additional teaching time to make up missed lessons. My non-teaching days are a time for personal rest and revitalization, family commitments, music research, and studio business "catch-up". To maintain consistent, sustainable income every month, I am not able to apply credit for a missed lesson to the following month. However, students may choose from the following two make-up options:


1) At the beginning of the school year each student will be given my master studio schedule,

and a list of parent/student names and phone numbers (only those who have granted

permission will be on the list). When a student knows he/she will have to miss his/her

scheduled lesson, he/she can call someone on this list and arrange to "swap" lesson times.

I will need to be informed of this "swap" in advance of the lesson. The "swap" list will be

updated as needed throughout the school year.


2) With a twenty-four (24) hour notice of illness or unavoidable circumstance that will result in a

missed lesson, the student will be informed at that time of other student cancellations

(if there are any), and thereby have the opportunity to schedule a make-up lesson during

an open slot. If no times are available the student can continue to check in with me in

regard to the status of other student cancellations.


3) ***I will honor one exception to the above make-up options:


If I must cancel a lesson due to my own illness or family emergency, I will schedule a make-up


4) With advance notice I will not charge for missed lessons as a result of business travel or

being out of town during school breaks (fall, Christmas, spring).


5) I understand that many families travel during the summer, and I do not charge for lessons

missed as a result of being out of town. However, as stated in the "Summer Lesson"

section of this policy, to retain a lesson time in the fall, students studying with me need to

take a minimum of six one-half lessons (or the equivalent thereof) during the summer.


6) There will be no make-up options for last minute cancellations.



Performance Opportunities


An important part of voice study is the experience of singing in front of an audience. Each student is encouraged to sing in the winter studio recital, usually scheduled in February or March. Participants will share equally the recital hall and accompanist expenses (estimated $25 to $45). I highly recommend that students participate as it gives them the opportunity to sing in front of family and friends, demonstrate their progress and achievement, and share their musical talent. In addition students may elect to audition for select school choirs, roles in musical productions, or participate in local association events sponsored by National Association of Teachers of Singing or Colorado State Music Teachers Association. Students will be responsible for entrance and accompanist fees for the association events. All performance events, including the recital, are voluntary and not required.



Summer Lessons


Discontinuing lessons during the summer results in some backsliding and is detrimental to progress already achieved. Summer provides a great opportunity for increased practice time without the pressure of school and homework, resulting in steady progression of musical skills. To retain a lesson time in the fall students currently studying with me need to take a minimum of six one-half hour lessons (or the equivalent thereof) during the summer. I will certainly be available to those students who wish to take additional lessons above and beyond the minimum. This will be especially helpful to those preparing for “All State Choir” auditions, which usually occur in October.




Termination of Lessons


If you wish to terminate lessons, please notify me at least 30 days in advance so that I have an opportunity to fill that lesson time from my waiting list. I reserve the right to terminate lessons with a student due to continually missed lessons, poor attitude, lack of preparation, and/or failure to pay tuition on time. Termination of lessons is a last resort and will only occur if no resolutions can be achieved.





Practice Expectations


Students will receive training in technique and will be exposed to a wide range of repertoire according to the student’s ability and interest. Basic music theory will be addressed as time allows. Consistent practice at home (15 to 20 minutes per day is much more beneficial than a one-time hour per week) is expected and will result in more productive and beneficial lessons and smoother progress.



I look forward to the challenge of shaping and training voices to become all they can be.

Please call me with any questions or concerns.




I have read and I agree to the terms and conditions of this policy statement.




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